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Inventory - Our inventory comes primarily from private wine cellars. With each acquisition, we verify provenance, including storage conditions, and inspect all wines.

Our inventory is updated daily. We also provide a PDF version of the inventory for download.

Consignment Sales - Our consignment rate of 18% is the lowest available. Many customers let us store and sell their wines for them. They trust our experience to set a fair price and rely on our inventory/invoicing system to expertly track all transactions.

Storage - All wines are kept in ideal climate controlled conditions. The temperature is a constant 55° Fahrenheit and the humidity is always 70%. All wines are fully insured and stored in a high security locker.

Shipping - All listed wines are in-house and available for immediate shipping. Weather permitting, wines are shipped same day. We have experience shipping to most of the United States and internationally. Please visit our shipping page for more information.