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Can you ship to [my country]?

We do ship internationally. However, it is best to contact us directly for confirmation. In addition, we expect the purchaser to be familiar with the rules and regulations regarding shipments into his/her country and to secure, if necessary, the services of an import broker.

Can you ship to my state?

We ship to most states. Some states prohibit shipments of Alcohol. For further information, please contact us.

How much does it cost to ship my order?

Shipping costs can depend on a number of factors. For shipments outside the United States we generally ship using FedEX International Priority. Favorable rates are available for orders in excess of 10 lbs. For large orders, we seek the best rates from other common carriers. There are no charges for handling or material. We do charge 0.7% of the value of the wine to insure against loss or breakage. Please contact us directly for a quote. For domestic shipments, shipping cost is automatically calculated for on-line purchases. Shipping cost includes insurance against loss or breakage.

How is it shipped?

All wine is packaged directly from our wine storage facility into Styrofoam shippers. There is no charge for handling or materials.

Who pays for tariffs and custom duties?

For international shipments, the recipient is responsible for all customs and duties. There is no California sales tax for shipments outside of California.

Can I ship at a later date?

Many of our customers have us hold their wine for cooler weather. There is no storage fee for purchased wine.

What shipping options are available?

For domestic shipments we can ship Ground, Home Delivery, 3-day, 2-day, Standare Overnight and Priority Overnight. Evening delivery, after 5:00 pm, is available for Home Delivery. Express (3-day, 2-day and overnight) shipments can be left at a local FedEx/Kinko’s for pickup. Saturday deliveries are available for Home Delivery and Priority Overnight.

Can I pick up my purchase at your office?

Orders can be picked up locally. Please contact us prior to pick-up. Local pick-up is subject to local sales tax. Shipments by common carrier are not subject to local sales tax.

Can my purchase be left at my door?

All shipments of wine require an adult signature. If you are not available for receipt, we recommend having the wine left at a nearby FedEx/Kinko’s for pickup (Express only). Or we can ship to your office or place of work.

How will I know when my wine has been shipped?

We will provide you a FedEx tracking number to follow your shipment.

When will my wine ship?

Orders are typically shipped the same day if received by 2:00 pm. However, we may delay orders received late in the week until Monday to make sure that the wine does not remain warehoused over the weekend by the shipper. International shipments generally scheduled for optimum rates. During warm or cold weather we may contact you are recommend postponing shipment to avoid possible spoilage of the wine or upgrading your shipping method.

Can it be too cold or hot to ship wine?

We do not recommend shipping wine when temperatures are below 32F or above 80F. The Styrofoam wine shippers will provide some hours of protection.


If I purchase from your website, will you have the wine in stock?

All wine listed on our website is in stock and kept up to date. On rare occasions, an order may be placed on-line just after we received a phone order for the same item. Under this circumstance, we will contact you before completing the transaction.

Can I include a gift card or message with my shipment.

We will include a small gift card upon request.

Can I get a discount for a large order?

We are primarily a wine wholesaler. Our policy is to sell wine at very competitive prices and thus our margins are very slim. Occasionally, price reductions can be made for specific items.

How do I pay?

International shipments require a wire transfer. Instructions will be provided. Once the payment is received, we can ship immediately. For domestic shipments we accept AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, or PayPal.


Can I consign my wines?

We do accept wines for consignments. Please contact us for further details.

How do I go about selling my wines to you?

Belmont Wine will purchase private collections that have been properly stored and in perfect condition. Contact us for further details.


Can I get a picture of the wine?

We will provide pictures upon request.

Can I get the original wood case?

We will ship the original wood case, if available, upon request.

How are your wines stored?

All wines are kept in our wine cellar under optimal conditions.

What is the provenance of your wines?

Wines are generally purchased from private collectors who are the original owners. All wine is inspected and only those in excellent condition are listed on our website. Wines with torn labels or low fills are sold off-line at discount.

Why is your listing on Wine Searcher (www.winesearcher.com ) different from your website?

Wine Searcher updates their information twice a week so there is a possibility that the wine may no longer be available on our website while still listed on Wine Searcher’s site.

Can I get a list of your available wines?

Our inventory list is kept up to date and is available as a pdf or excel file. .

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