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2011 Comte Abbatucci Cuvee Collection Rouge Ministre Imperial Jacques Pierre Charles Abbatucci
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Size=750 ml, RP[97]

"I have to assume that no one, including the wine’s author, knows what to expect. Abbatucci’s 2011 Cuvee Collection: Ministre Imperial Jacques-Pierre-Charles Abbatucci – for a litany of whose cepages, please consult my review of the sensational 2010 in issue 205 – offers another profoundly delicious lesson in the vinous possible, meaning that until you experience this cuvee for yourself, you will be missing out on an alliance of levity and textural tenderness; florality and purity of fruit; kaleidoscopic interactivity and sheer mouthwatering juiciness that you didn’t realize red wine could deliver. (I’ll grant a certain analogy to Black Muscat, but wines from that cepage do not deliver anything remotely approaching this cuvee’s delicate refinement or mesmerizing complexity.) The most prominent impressions here are of tenderly ripe and scintillatingly aromatic and juicy strawberries tinged with freesia and mint as well as a drop of distillate from the berries. Black tea smokiness and piquancy of cherry pit help set into relief the lusciously pure fruit delivered on a liltingly buoyant, silken palate, while wafting perfume and saliva-liberating salinity accompany a sensationally expansive and persistent finish. Since there have been five vintages of this cuvee, it should soon become possible to address the issue of its bottle potential. Meantime, as with its white “General de la Revolution,” you certainly don’t want to miss out on savoring bottles over the next couple of years given how amazingly delicious this is – and, you’ll soon discover, how versatile too. On the other hand, if you can locate and afford sufficient bottles, hold-back a couple for a longer voyage of discovery." - David Schildknecht, robertparker.com (Aug 28, 2013)